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i m a civil engineer and journalist worked in Pakistan

Trapped Inside These Fallen Walls




Hiyas fabulous people, Kim here with a new sketch for ya. This weeks theme is xenoblade, a video game that most recently took part in Smash Bros. franchise. One of my great friends requested me to sketch someone based of xenoblade, even though I’m totally clueless on the franchise. Personally this isn’t mine my favorite sketch, I don’t think I did the lovely graphics much justice but my friend freaked out when he saw the sketch, loving it. Let me know what you think, and again I’m starting to take requests 🙂

-Kim ❤

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Once Upon a Time

The Oldest Vocation

In 1955, right out of college, I found one of those jobs in publishing so dear to history and English majors who could afford them. We were paid almost nothing, which was considered OK for girls, at least if they had parents who could give them a winter coat for Christmas and bail them out in an emergency. Health insurance wasn’t necessary in those days, when a visit to the doctor or a prescription for an antibiotic cost very little. If you shared space, you could even rent an apartment in Manhattan; with three roommates, I lived near Second Avenue in the80s. We had a duplex two-bedroom apartment in a funky old house with a lot of charm – and a lot of cockroaches, but who cared? Right above the bathtub on the second floor there was a skylight that offered dirty and difficult access to the roof. We…

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