Panguitch, Utah, USA.

In Search Of Unusual Destinations

Panguitch proved a gem of a destination. “Panguitch” is a first people word meaning “big fish”. White pioneers first settled in the surrounding attractive and fertile valley in March 1864. However, the first winter was exceptionally cold and hard, not least because the crops planted earlier in the year had failed. Seven men braved the elements to bring flour from Parowan, 40 miles away, along what is now roughly Highway 20. The snow was so deep that they had to abandon their oxen and wagon. They reached Parowan by placing a quilt on the deep drifts of snow, walking to the end of the quilt and then putting down a second quilt before retrieving the first one. This became known as the Panguitch Quilt Walk and is still celebrated in an annual festival in the town.

The village was abandoned during the Black Hawk War, but resettled in 1871. As…

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