White Wedding in Itsoseng #6: Buying Cow and Ox


2015-01-15 cow and ox

For a proper Tswana wedding feast, Tsholo’s father Sioto needed a young cow and an ox, in addition to the sheep.  He owned cows, but they were all pregnant, so he did not want to use them for the wedding.  He was going to Lichtenburg to buy them.  Santu’s father Mike accompanied him.  Knowing that I was going to be bargaining for the bride price in cows, I asked to come along.

In Lichtenburg, Sioto went first to a bank and then, to my surprise, to a store that said “Computers” on the front and looked to be computer repair shop.  Apparently, the proprietor also dealt in cattle.  Sioto had called in the morning, but evidently not spoken with the right person.  The owner had sold all of his cattle of the appropriate age over Christmas, and had none left.

Sioto was now in a bit of a fix.  It…

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