White Privilege


Controversial Nevada Rancher Sparks Backlash From Previous Supporters After Racist CommentsCristopher Lollie

I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro”.  Most of them are a lot smarter than Cliven Bundy.

If a black man decided to appropriate some government land for himself, refuse to pay taxes, make racist remarks to the press, gather together a bunch of his buddies, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, and threaten government officials, he would be dead.  Those officials would not tolerate him as they have Cliven Bundy.

At the other end of the spectrum, an incident in St. Paul with Chris Lollie began with him sitting on a bench, minding his own business. If he had been white, it is highly unlikely that anyone would have taken notice.  Some call this White Privilege.

However, Chris Lollie was being black, given the way he wore his hair, unapologetically so.  The police were called. Lollie took offense and asserted…

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