The Confederate Battle Flag


South Carolina Confederate FlagImagine that after the emancipation of the slaves, the whites in the South put their attachment to this peculiar institution behind them and, in the paternalistic manner appropriate to their supposed innate superiority, made a concerted effort to improve the lot of their former slaves.  Imagine them making a sincere effort to educate Afro-American children, as much as they could be educated, establishing local governments that protected the rights of all citizens, and creating separate public and private facilities for whites and “coloreds” that were truly equal.  This fantasy is pretty close to the southern society as I imagined it as a child growing up in Richmond, Va in the 1950s.  In such a world, the native talents of African Americans, not only in music and athletics, but in all areas of human endeavor, would have flourished, and the fallacy of white supremacy would have soon become obvious.  There would…

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