Ohio 2014 Election


David Pepper David Pepper for Attorney General

This year my I find myself voting for candidates from all of the parties in the state wide races, so I guess I qualify as an independent.  Here is a summary, followed by more substantial explanations of my choices.

  • John Kasich(R, incumbant)
  • Ed Fitzgerald (D)
  • Anita Rios (Grn)              none of the above.
Lieutenant Governor
  • Bob Fitrakis  (Grn)
  • Sharen Neuhardt (D)        responded to League of Women Voters.
  • Mary Taylor (R, i)
Attorney General
  • Mike Dewine (R, i)
  • David Pepper (D)            has good ideas. my most enthusiastic endorsement.
  • Bob Bridges (L)
  • John Patrick (D)
  • Dave Yost (R,  i)              currently doing a good job.
Secretary of State
  • Jon Husted (R, i)
  • Kevin Knedler (L)            the best candidate, the least partisan

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