Château de Chantilly

Last Saturday me and my husband had time to came for visit “Château de Chantilly” (Domain of Chantilly). This place is not really far from our home, just need around 15 – 20 minutes by car. Actually this is not the first time for us to come to visit this place, but before we not really get entry to the Château, so for this time we decide to get entry and look around. So we paid around 16€ (1 person) for visit the castle and the park.

So i will show you some picture what i took from the castle and the park.

image1-1 This the tickets and the map of the castle and the park

image4-1 The statue of Anne de Montmorency

image7-1 The reading room

image14 The architecture inside the castle


image11-1 The park of the castle

image15-1 image9-2

image14-1image13-1  image10-1image12-1

image8-2 The Restaurant

image3-2image4-2image5-2 image7-2

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