The first big drop out of college.

The Moving Human

Colleges suck..don’t they? In fact, the very route and efforts to reach a so called ‘good one’ suck. In my time, they called these efforts by names like IIT-JEE and AIEEE and many others. So, what to do in a scenerio where all you see around you to become a successful guy is to compete with everyone else out there and try to be ahead of them?

To tell you the truth, there is no shortage of ways in which you could screw yourself at any point of time in this world, knowingly or unknowingly. It may seem like you are going perfectly with the system, the proven unbeatable path..and you won’t even get a hint where you are doing wrong. This thing happens with everybody..right from Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein to the dumbest guy living in your neighbourhood. Its a part of life that every one of them passes…

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