The distribution (for those interested in design)

My Mazamet

When I talk about the house it’s probably confusing, so here’s a not quite to scale sketch of the distribution:distrib

The green salon, grey salon and dining room face the garden. The green salon opens to the grey salon and to the hall. The grey salon is the one with the three french doors.

greysalon grey salon

night time in the study view from green salon to grey salon

The hall is T shaped and has the black and white encaustic floors. Below you see it from both ends.

The upstairs is lovely. The landing is one of the things that impressed us. Very generous space.

The 17th century Bacchus and Ariadne painting isn’t staying in that spot. It’s going over the stairs. And I’ve bought a wrought iron chandelier to replace that hanging lampshade.

There are some interesting and quirky features here. The doorway walls look incredibly thick. That’s because they’re actually concealed closets.

In other news, the…

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