July 4th – 7 Most Bad@$$ Founding Fathers

'56 Packard Man

July 4th

The 7 Most Badass Founding Fathers

By David Forsmark at PJ Media

Celebrating the Men Who Had the Guts to Commit Treason
Against the World’s Most powerful Empire

They all pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honors,” and it was more than just an idle boast.

The Founding Fathers were committing treason against the most powerful empire that the world to date had ever seen. It was also their Mother Country, to which many of their friends, family, and neighbors were still loyal.

And while they certainly, in the words of Patrick Henry, “made the most” of their treason, the idea that they would establish the most free and powerful nation in the history of mankind was not the most likely outcome.

So in singling out these 7 men in standing out as bad@$$es (and I am sure some of you will find a more worthy nominee or two that…

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