Speaking truth in love vs. Judgement


Racism is wrong. Hate is wrong. Believing you are superior in anyway to someone else is wrong. That includes sexual orientation. But just because you are no better than someone else based on your life decisions, circumstances, emotions, etc, that doesn’t mean you cannot call out what is wrong in life. 

Too many people are concerned about speaking right vs. Wrong because they dont want to be accused of judgement…. but I believe we forget what judgement is. Casting judgement on someone is believing you are in a superior position to call their faults, wrongs, etc into a place of inferiority or punishment.  Calling out what you know to be right and wrong based on the God who is superior and is our judge is not wrong, in itself. Judgement is a position of our heart… and ultimately what we believe about our position at the foot of the cross…

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