Happy Dependence Day!

Beguine Again

skepticOK … I’ll let you take one more bite of your burger or hot dog, one more swig of beer, let some of the smoke from the barbecue grill dissipate, let the kids volley the badminton bird one more time, and give you a chance to hitch up your shorts and to belch so your gastric noises won’t drown out the announcement I’m about to make … ready? … OK … listen up … We are in the process of losing the American Revolution. I say “in the process” in a spasm of uncharacteristic optimism – very painful for a cynic like me — because it may not be quite a done deal yet. It may still be in process. But we may … I said may … have already lost it. Oh … to be sure and so there’s no misunderstanding … we won the Revolutionary War. (Granted, with some help…

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