My Mama is Smarter Than America


I am thoroughly convinced that my mama is smarter than America. Growing up, she taught me that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” that “you can’t fight fire with fire,” and that “unless you are perfect, you have no right to judge others.”
Yet here I am in a society that fights fire with fire; that hates Christians for their beliefs which contradict their own; that hates the alternative lifestyles which contradict their “Christian” beliefs; that screams “equality!” while taking opportunities from one person to give to another; that has BET and Cosmo Latina Edition (printed in English) but deems ANY outright pride in one’s white ethnicity to be racist (and that probably just now decided that I too must be racist for having the courage to state that obvious fact); that fights against immigration, but celebrates Columbus Day; that profiles and stereotypes the police for profiling and stereotyping them…

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