Nice Sunday Morn’

Tay-Tay's Fancy Pants Gift Emporium

I have been sitting on the Porch this morning with my is kool damp and a Lucious Green out there..Thank You God for this Day given…
And I just might be Lazy today…Yes..I will cook the guys their Sausage but other than’s not looking good for anything else productive…just having a Nice day..
Santa started putting back the motor in PaPa Bears truck and he’s getting old he says..well tell me something I didn’t know…LOL! But it’s in…not bolted but In…
Finish it off next week..extra dollars coming in…
A knock on the door late was two lady’s wanting me to dig them up some of my elephant ears..REALLY?..I told them I didn’t think could buy the blubs at Walmart and Lowes..and they were probably on sale if you can find them…I figured i would get up this morning and they would be gone…LOL!…I told…

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