Echosmith: Featured Artist Of The Week

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This weeks featured artists are the band Echosmith.  There first hit was “CoolKids” and their new song “Bright” is next on the Hit List.Watch and Listen.  They formed in Los Angeles in 2009, but have been together since birth.  You see, Echosmith is the Sierota family.  The members are Jamie, the oldest at 21 who sings and plays guitar, his brother Noah is 19.

The sister Sydney is 17 and sings lead vocal and does tambourine.  The youngest is Graham.  He is 16 and is the drummer.

Courtesy Warner Bros Records Courtesy Warner Bros Records

They were influenced by bands like Coldplay, U2, Joy Division and Fleetwood Mac.  They put out their first album in 2013 called Talking Dreams, and brought it up the Billboard Top 100 chart.  More on Echosmith and their music: Click HERE

Click HERE for Last FM’s Echosmith page.

Their Official Website Tour Information.-

Photo Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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