Ryan Gosling Advocates for Cage-Free Eggs at Costco

the g-beat

Ryan Gosling is a man of many titles…Canadian hunky heart-throb, actor, father, and now he can add “Chickens Rights Activist” to the list.

Gosling is using his fame to spread the message of the mistreatment of chickens sold to the U.S. retail giant Costco.

The Notebook actor urged Costco CEO Craig Jelinek in an open letter posted Monday on the Humane Society’s site Cage Free Future, to stop purchasing eggs from suppliers who keep their chickens in cages.

I’m certain none of us are green to the environment many factory raised chickens are situated in.  Cages are jammed packed with hens who are overfed and usually have their beaks cut off for some un-godly reason…if you don’t believe me  just google search “chicken abuse” and PETA will give you all the hard details.

Gosling made his disgust to the consistent animal cruelty against chickens known in the letter…

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