Why we should learn another language…


Hola, soy hablo inglés but I’d love to be fluent in Spanish and potentially, mandarin. How tired are you of knowing the bare minimal of a whole entire language? Just refer back to the beginning of this post, I successfully managed a feeble 4 words of Spanish! I could tell you that I eat bread in Spanish, but it is hardly relevant (yo como pan).

From people very close to me, to those I encounter for a brief yet memorable moment, I frequently diagnose people with the ‘Travel Bug’ as they have a hunger, sometimes a consuming gravity towards the idea of travelling. For me, travelling is my telos, Ilong to immerse myself in the wilderness of the Amazon and the glamour and riches of Paris and New York, even to be surrounded by the momentous Alps isolated from all I know to be ‘normal’. And naturally, my…

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