Transcending the Slippery Slope: My review of the movie Dope


See what I did there?

Long Story Short (2-minute or less read): 

I thought that Dope was a very entertaining coming-of-age film. The characters were compelling, especially the main protagonist, Malcolm. I haven’t seen the actor who portrays him, Shameik Moore, in anything prior to the film, but I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of him in the near future because his performance was stellar and he does well in a lead role. Their dialogue and reactions were real and at times, hilarious. The comedic side of the movie did its job because I laughed a good number of times. I was a fan of the movie’s soundtrack because it complemented the main characters’ 90’s hip-hop, geeky-type lifestyle and their personalities. Plus, it made me bob my head, and it made my friend and I sing along with the lyrics because it’s stuff we enjoy listening to. The film has a…

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