How this group of playwrights is fighting sexism on Broadway


Hollywood isn’t the only place where women writers and directors are underrepresented. The best current tallies put the share of women-written plays produced in American theater last year at about 24%—and that includes dead writers. Sixty-eight percent of the Broadway audience is female, but in the 2013-14 season there wasn’t a single new play on the Great White Way written by a woman.

One group of advocates has come up with a solution so simple it seems hard to believe it could work: A list of the most recommended un- (or under-) produced plays by women, nominated by people who read plays for a living.

On June 21, the Kilroys, a Los Angeles-based collective of thirteen playwrights and producers, published their second annual “The List”—53 plays by women or trans playwrights, based on a survey of 321 professional artistic directors, literary managers, professors, producers, directors, and dramaturgs. (Their…

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