Stephen Colbert Wrote the Perfect ‘Late Show’ Theme Song: Watch

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What goes into a perfectLate Showtheme song? Just askStephen Colbert, who obviously has the art form down to a science?at least as far as comedic effectis concerned.

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While sitting down at his electric piano, Colbert held a hilariously entertaining brainstorming session, where he knocked out a theme song for his upcoming show. Because confidence is key, especially when appearing on live television, Colbert demonstratedhe has no shortage of it in his theme song.”The show will be so great/ It’ll be a great success,” he sings. “You can watch it on TV/ On the station…Columbia Broadcasting System/ Oh yes, oh yes,oh yes.”

If that sounds promising, just listen to how strong his opening is: “What time is it? It’s late. / What show is it? It’s show. / My name’s Stephen Colbert / From my head down to my feet…where…

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