American Exceptionalism.


(This post already appeared on The Book of Face and, because I have been beaten down and crushed and otherwise rendered unresponsive while trying to control my various relationships between this site and that one, not to mention Twitter Tweeting, it likely is doing so a second or, in the later case, third time. Apologies all around.)

Hillary Clinton brazenly takes on voter suppression and names names of GOP wannabe governors who embrace same. “Liberal” press goes into shock trying to figure out how to turn it into “both sides do it” meme . NY Times calls meeting of the in-house unit on that approach headed by David Brooks, with special contributions by Thomas L. Friedman ( Maureen Dowd cannot attend because she has the vapors). WashPo’s Jennifer Rubin breaks down completely but no one notices for a long time because, who can tell?

Meanwhile, on the less “Liberal” press…

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