Harassment suit against Marathon bombers’ sister dropped


NEW YORK (AP) — Accusations that the Boston Marathon bombers’ sister threatened to bomb a perceived romantic rival can’t be proved, prosecutors said Monday as they dropped a harassment case against her.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said it had “significant” questions about the credibility of the woman who accused Ailina Tsarnaeva of making a jarring threat last summer: “I know people that can put a bomb where you live.”

Tsarnaeva wasn’t in court as the case was dismissed, and her lawyer didn’t immediately return a call afterward. The lawyer, Susan Marcus, has said Tsarnaeva denies making the threat and was “an easy target” for an “uncorroborated claim.”

The development came as some of Tsarnaeva’s relatives testified in the death penalty phase of her brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev‘s federal trial in Boston. Tsarnaev, 21, was convicted last month of 30 federal charges in the April 2013 bombing that killed…

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