Careless driving program makes impact on students

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NORTH MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) Spring brings a lot of big events for students including prom and graduation. With big events comes the fear that kids may make bad choices and suffer the consequences. The community of North Muskegon helps education teens about their choices by taking part in a national program called “Every 15 Minutes.”

Every 15 Minutes involves the entire community in North Muskegon. They involve the police department, fire department, schools, funeral home, parents, and the entire high school student body. During the school day, a person dressed as the Grim Reaper comes into classrooms every 15 minutes and pulls out a student. A pastor then reads an obituary for that student. After lunch, all students go outside where there is a crash scene that simulates a drunk driver that crashed with a driver who was texting. Students in full make-up…

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