Savory-spicy chicken kabobs | Pikáns-fűszeres csirke nyárs

La Mademoiselle

21st February 2015


With the appearance of this year’s very first sunbeams spring has arrivel to my kitchen as well. Although I don’t consider myself crummy, in the new year I have desperately determined to not only work hard on my body in order to reach bikini form by the summer but to also start a gastronomical revolution in my kitchen, too. I strongly believe that healthy, dietetic dishes can also be very delicious and luring, plus we can consume them guilty-free, without the need to worry about the intaken calories.

The following recipe evokes the spirit of the thousand-faced East to me with its variegation, refreshing playfulness; doing this all naturally in terms of health-consciousness and perfect harmony of flavours. Besides, this dish is super fast and easy to prepare which is an extra for me as I am in constant time-struggle…so if you would like to have something…

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