Welcome Post College Grads…

Real World Help for Post College Life

So having jumped on the ‘check everything in your life against a blog, there is probably a post telling you the “do’s and do not’s” of every possible scenario’ bandwagon, I decided to start my own blog centered around something you rarely see blogs about…

THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

In the past 23 months since my own graduation, I have seen so many blogs, vlogs, youtube channels, and every type of social media out there that is related to being in your college years. Then it seems to jump from “surviving until graduation” to “starting a family 101”.

What happened to the years in between???

Breaking your college habits, staying healthy, finding a job, falling in love, curbing your stress, all while trying to keep those dreaded student loans in check and making time for yourself.

Sure, there are some people who become parents before, after, and hell, even DURING their degrees…

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