Artistic Skill or Narcissistic Indulgence?


The bombardment of photographic images through media and the internet has moulded our society into one that is focused on appearance, with the development of image manipulation programmes such as Photoshop, with editing and retouching images becoming the socially accepted norm. Photography has become one of the most influential mediums of our time. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, have sparked a trend of photographing and documenting one’s life online. Photography has managed to weave its way into becoming an integral part of modern culture, and its influence on youth culture is becoming ever more apparent, especially in the beauty industry. Mainstream photography has moved away from its artistic roots and fostered a narcissistic sense of self-promotion in a generation that is heavily influenced by celebrity culture. This is not only damaging to society, for example the current trend of ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ or the high levels of eating disorders amongst…

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