Two-Party Tyranny

Erin M. Douglas

Are you a Republican or a Democrat?6262122778_7a43d113d0_o

This question seems to inevitably define every single opinion you must have. One word determines how you act on every political issue every time. And don’t change it—you are expected to vote the same in every election for the rest of your life because you are a democrat/republican from a liberal/conservative town and that’s just how it is.

Contrary to the two-party-system, not every issue is blue or red. Do you believe in gay marriage?—automatically stereotyped as a democrat. Do you believe in the second amendment?—you must unquestionably be a republican. But most Americans don’t agree with every issue the party they vote for backs.

Consider education reform: Debates over standardized testing and censorship of the AP United States History course have become a question of whether or not we have a conservative or liberal school board. But everyone pays taxes for our…

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