Rape Culture: How to Spot it & How to Stop it

Erin M. Douglas

Rape culture is a part of our every day lives, and can be prevented, according to Zerlina Maxwell, keynote speaker for the CSU Women’s Conference. Maxwell defined rape culture as a complex set of beliefs that encourage men to be aggressive and women to be submissive.

“Sex and violence have become something we associate together,” said Maxwell, political analyst, speaker and writer. “There is this notion that masculinity is expressed through violence and aggression, and we then intertwine that in a problematic way with sex.”

What may seem small, insignificant, or even normal acts of every day life, Maxwell considers dangerous to the way women are viewed in culture.

courtesy of goodwp.com courtesy of goodwp.com

“Catcalling is what I call the every day manifestation of rape culture,” Maxwell said. “It [rape culture] is so embedded in our daily lives that we don’t notice it. I’m not saying you need to avoid pop culture…

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