with a president like trump

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shanice lloyd | contributing writer 

On Wednesday, April 8, Donald Trump came to Pote Theater on Simpson Campus after he decided to rent it from the school. It’s been discussed he is going to possibly run for presidency in the 2016 election. The platform for this speaking was education. It didn’t quite go as planned. trump

Trump started the discussion off with being late nearly 25 minutes. Once he finally arrived, everyone was asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance along with him. It then consisted of narcissistic conversation about his accomplishments and how he came from Queens (a suburb of New York City, but Iowans couldn’t possibly know that, according to Trump’s condescending tone). He went through how much he looked up to his dad because, honestly, who doesn’t love a good dad story. Trump continued on about his accomplishments, dealing especially with “The Apprentice.” He had to cancel that, though, to focus on more important things, like making the world a better place.

As stated before…

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