A True Teacher

Short Little Rebel

josh & dad measuring stuffI just want to brag on my boy for a moment. This is my 11 year old, Josh, listening to my Dad on the phone. He calls his grandpa everyday for an hours long teaching session on electronics. You would not believe the subject matter that is covered in these sessions. (Both of them are  geniuses, by the way.)  Sometimes, I hear my Dad assuming that Josh knows things like algebra and I almost step in.   But then Josh will say stuff like, “You can’t divide letters, Grandpa.” My Dad says, “Yes, you can, Josh. The letters are just substitutes for numbers.” Josh says, “Oh. Ok. ” And on they go.  I sit back down; no interference needed!   They cover subjects like potential, resistance, capacity, ohms, voltage, etc. Josh is learning scientific notation and the meaning of a slew of Greek letters. Grandpa has sent him a box full of…

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